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Geen wielrenner is zo “gek” en uniek om in mini hoogte tent van landbouwplastic te slapen.

Kijk vooral na 3.30 minuten

Ben je dan gek of uniek?


Interview Jesse Reith laat mijn extreme hoogte training zien.

Binnen 4 tot 6 weken naar Moskou en ga voor UCI WUR 70 km achter de derny.

MaasLees mail in gebrekkig “Engelands” maar denk wel dat zij/jullie het begrijpen;

Hello Svetlana/Anatoni

How are booth?
I thinks about a new attack in 4 until 6 weeks behind the derny on your fastest Velodrome of the World on sea level.
In the same time ( 1 until 2 weeks) I will going for world a hour record for Masters 60- 65 year. This must also be a test how far I can go for absolutly WUR.
I do not understand the professionals like Wiggins that they attempt World hour record on other tracks ( exept Mexico) because I know sure that will makes a different for 1 km.
Therefore I will make very good promotion because I think that I can go for about 70 Km behind the derny with my special 80 theets PrOval oval gear, absolutly world sensation.
Luis the camera man and Carlos the producer ( mail CC)  and ofcourse my will also finish/come to a climax the film the Monk ; There is world wide interesse by many filmfestivals  for this documentairy and ofcourse Moscow/Russia can makes very nice promotion via this film.
But again I have no budget and I will ask you if there is in Russia a real broad and thick derny driver/ pacemaker with a UCI licence?
I waiting your reaction.

Internationale interesse voor film “the Monk”

Hi Maas.

This is Maria from  PROMOFEST.

We would be delighted if you could submit your short film to our festival SHORT OF THE YEAR. Grand prix: free distribution over 1.000 worldwide film festivals
Further details below:

Free submission here:

We hope you submit it!


María Gacho Carmona

Juan Bravo 51 Duplicado, 1º int izq
28006 Madrid (Spain)


Wiggins fietst in London Werelduurrecord 53.5 km maar in Mexico 54.5 km

wiggins_werelduurrecordIk vind het heel dom dat Wiggo de aanval niet in Mexico doet maar nu liggen er wel kansen voor zijn concurrenten w.o Tony Martin, Tom Dumoulin en Cancellara.